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Flying Horse Co. In Hat Creek, Alberta

October 1, 2013

Celebrating Cowboy Spirit on the Northern Range


2013 Cowboy Campfire Festival in Hat Creek

July 25, 2013

Adam Ainsworth will once again will host the Annual Cowboy Campfire Festival in Hat Creek. The festival will celebrating its seventeenth anniversary on July 25, 2013. Although there were less than 20 at the first Campfire Festival in 1997, this festival has grown steadily every year since. This summer another crowd will gather around the campfire for music, stories & lies. The Annual Cowboy Campfire Festival is a place for the tellers of long winded stories that have happy endings.

Adam Ainsworth has been a storyteller most his life. He is a long time resident on Hat Creek & has always dreamed of producing & hosting a cowboy music festival. The dream came true for Adam in 1997 with the very first Cowboy Campfire Festival in Hat Creek, Alberta.

The Flying Horse Co. In Hat Creek Alberta

July 25, 2007

Hat Creek Sign


We are on the Northern Range where your dreams will find you under a prairie sky. It’s a place where the time between the going down of the sun and the coming of sleep is for tellers of stories and lies. It’s a place with long winded stories that all have happy endings.